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How To Drill Holes In Porcelain Wall Tile. Materials needed for this project are: Use duct or masking tape over the surface area of the tile where the hole is to be drilled.

Drilling porcelain tile that's on your wall YouTube from

If the tile is cracked, you'll need to replace it before you continue.step 2, choose a drill bit. In order to cut holes that are 13mm or larger in diameter, it is necessary to first drill a pilot hole. For this reason, we recommend that you measure thrice and drill once.

Starting The Drill Vertically, Begin To Drill In A Circular Motion With Sufficient Pressure Until The Tone Of The Drill Changes.

The excess amount of heat can degrade the. Porcelain requires a diamond tipped bit. How to drill through porcelain tile without cracking it.

Start By Adhering The Masking Tape To The Wall In The Area Where You Intend To Drill.

Although diamond tips are way more challenging and do not give into heat, they are not invincible. You’ll probably need to buy these online, but there are ceramic stickers designed to cover tiles with a piece of adhesive art. In order to drill through a porcelain tile, the type of drill bit that is used makes a huge difference.

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I Use A Heavy Drill At Less Than Medium Speed (Not With The Hammer Function) And Spraying Denatured Alcohol On It As I Drill.

An ordinary steel drill bit may fail to penetrate the tile, or cause it to shatter. Follow the five rules below for a step by step guide on how to drill tiles: The hardness of porcelain tile can be aggravating when drilling.

Use Duct Or Masking Tape Over The Surface Area Of The Tile Where The Hole Is To Be Drilled.

Set your drill / driver to drill (not on hammer action for those of you using a combi drill or on any torque settings for those with a drill driver) and slowly start drilling with one hand. However, drilling holes in porcelain tile is not difficult! Materials needed for this project are:

Slow And Steady Wins The Race.

We found it easier to make an accurate mark of the hole location on the tape than on the tile. If it is taking you minutes, it is likely that you are not applying enough pressure or that you are using an incorrect setting on the power tool. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting.

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