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Surface Type Cover Not Working. Some keys work, others don't work. That is very annoying and brings much inconvenience to users.

Surface pro 4 type cover not working Microsoft Community from

After uninstalling, just reconnect the type cover and it will install it self and then it’s up and running again. Sometimes, maybe it is your surface not responding that makes surface pro type cover stop working. Detach and reattach your surface type cover 1.

Connect And Disconnect The Type Cover By Pulling It Away And Then Hovering The Cover Over The Surface Connector Till They Snap Together.

From this tab, open the properties of each associated device. Surface pro 4 type cover not working after windows 10 anniversary update. I’ve exhausted all of the steps from the internet and am hoping for some advice here on what to try next.

There Is Another Way To Fix This Without Restart.

The moment you cleaned the surface type cover and attached it on your device, it is likely that there will no more surface pro 4 keyboard not working or any other type cover out of work. Once you install the firmware, it’s advised to remove certain devices from device manager. Test your keyboard on a text editor to see all of the strokes are registered accurately and the surface keyboard not working issue has been resolved.

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After Doing That, Reconnect It To The Surface.

This isn't the experience we want you to have. Expand the human interface devices section by clicking on the small arrow next to it. I have noticed in device manger that under human interface devices that wacom device has a yellow triangle.

This Sounds Like I'm Messing With You But.

Surface pro type cover no longer working. Since the surface did not recognize the type cover after performing a reset, let's check for physical connection issues. I have tried using the taskbar settings to turn on and off the icon in the bottom right as well as multiple resets but i have not had any success.

The Type Cover Was Not Yet Working In Windows, So I Rebooted To Uefi Again, And Turned The Type Cover Port Back On.

Sometimes, maybe it is your surface not responding that makes surface pro type cover stop working. Do this 3 times and see if the surface will recognize the type cover. Issues with the function, specialty, or media keys.

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