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What Size Aluminum Wire For 100 Amp Main Service. A 100a breaker would require a #8 cu or a #6 al. Now, you may question what you should use for your wiring installation and what are the advantages and disadvantages of one wire type from another.

For a 100 amp service what wire size do I use? from

Current at end of cable: 100 amps #4 awg #2 awg: Single conductor #1 gauge aluminum wire;

The Sub Panel Is 100 Amp But What Is The Calculated Load.

For a 100 amp sub feeder, the associated ground wire needs to be an 8 awg copper or 6awg aluminum wire. What size aluminum wire do i need for 100 amp service? 110 amps #3 awg #1 awg:

Is It Possible To Install A 100 Amp Subpanel On A 100 Amp Service Panel?

175 amps #1/0 awg #3/0 awg: If you are going to be doing this yourself then you are going to need a copy of the wiring code so that you do the job correctly. With a separate feed to the a/c for mobile home.

It Varies For Several Reasons, But You Generally Need 1 Awg Copper Wire For A 100 Amp Sub Panel.

150 amps #1 awg #2/0 awg: How to install a main breaker panel in a garage. Make sure to limit your voltage drop to 3% regardless of distance.

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Anyways, To Correct This Post.

125 amps #2 awg #1/0 awg: Conductors and all terminals rated at or above 75°c. 150 ampere x 0.83 = 124.5.

If You're Using A Cable For The Riser Then That Would Be A 100A Seu.

Click here for pricing on #2 gauge aluminum wire. The next step is to ensure your main panel has enough amperage supply to power the required subpanel. The neutral wire is often one or two sizes smaller than the two hots.

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